Who Do We Work With

Our best clients are business owners and independent professionals in a variety of industries with up to 100 employees, but little or no in-house marketing staff.

They have grown to where they are with little or no formal marketing but have become frustrated with their inability to “go to the next level.” They are tired of doing all or most of the strategic job of marketing. They are ready to move beyond reaction and event driven tactics.

Our most successful clients have come to appreciate professional help. They are looking for a marketing partnership and value their advisors.

They are not do-it-yourself types. They know what they do well. They tend to hire and value advisors in other areas of their business. They realize that they are the ones who must take responsibility for communication the vision for the business — they want help doing just that.

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We accept assignments based on your business plan and a reasonable marketing budget to reach your goals. Most serious independent businesses budget about 5% of gross sales for marketing planning,Continue readingInvestment

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